BIOTEAM – Optimizing Pathways and Market Systems for Enhanced Competitiveness of Sustainable Bioenergy and Technologies in Europe


The BIOTEAM project goals are to:

  • Assess the sustainability performance (or impact) of a number of (existing and planned) bio-energy pathways (six countries).
  • Check the relevance of alternative (non-energy) use pathways for the biomass-to-energy pathways, so as to verify if there is a low-high likelihood of conflicting alternative biomass uses.
  • Contribute to the advancement in the knowledge and understanding of public and private stakeholders about the unknown impacts of policy frameworks and market system dynamics on the allocation of and sustainable use of biomass resources.
  • Propose – in collaboration with public and private stakeholders – a series of actions that promote the sustainable use of scarce biomass resources that strike an optimum balance between economic, social and environmental interests and impacts.

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