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Pellets@las – Development and promotion of a transparent European Pellets Market – Creation of a European real-time Pellets Atlas

The general aim of the pellets@las project was to promote the development of a transparent and stable European pellet market. Therefore, the main action of the pellets@las was the collection and provision of pellet market data such as prices and production volumes.The central tool for the public provision of pellet market intelligence is the online information platform at www.pelletsatlas.info. By selecting a country, all available data on market actors involved, pellet prices, produced and consumed volumes can be viewed without access restrictions.

Pellets@las data collections included information on monthly prices for different usage types (from small to large scale) and delivery types (loose, bags, CIF). Besides prices, additional information for the country selected is presented. This information includes volumes produced and consumed, production capacities and pellet appliances installed. Another important part of the information platform is the stakeholder database. In order to keep this stakeholder collection up-to-date, interested market actors are invited to create an account which allows administering own contact details and company information.

More information and results of the project are available at www.pelletsatlas.info