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EL-EFF Region: Boosting efficiency in electricity use in 8 European Regions

Electricity consumption is rising, in some areas with alarming speed. There is a strong risk that the increase in electricity consumption will overcompensate the growth in electricity production from renewable energy sources. A considerable lack of awareness about these increases exists, not only among the general public but also in SMEs, in public administrations and in political decision makers on regional and local levels.

As the increases in electricity consumption are not limited to one specific area – they happen in domestic and non-domestic areas, in buildings as well as in industry – the project took a cross-sectoral approach and focused on increasing the efficiency of electricity in 8 European regions: Oberösterreich (A), Ile-de-France (F), Pomerania (PL), South Bohemia (CZ), Västra Götaland (S), Madrid (E), Navarra (E), Saxony (D). It analyzed and tackled areas with specific growth rates by developing regional action plans and implementing targeted promotion and dissemination activities.

More information and results of the project are available at www.efficient-electricity.info