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NonHazCity: key findings from the hazardous substance screening in the Baltic Sea region

NonHazCity team invites all interested parties to join our live broadcast “NonHazCity: key findings from the hazardous substance screening in the Baltic Sea region” that will take place on 19th of October at 10:00 am (CET). A public event will be held in Pärnu, Estonia in the frame of the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Join us online on our website: http://nonhazcity.eu/live-broadcast-key-findings/

What will be discussed?

Within the NonHazCity project samples of wastewater were collected and analysed from residential and industrial areas, wastewater treatment plants, stormwater and sewage sludge in six municipalities around the Baltic Sea: Pärnu (Estonia); Kaunas and Šilalė (Lithuania); Riga (Latvia); Gdańsk (Poland) and Turku (Finland). Existing data from Stockholm and Västerås (Sweden) was used for comparison.

On 19th of October we will start the event with the deputy project manager, Ms. Heidrun Fammler (Baltic Environmental Forum), shortly presenting the NonHazCity project – a flagship of the Baltic Sea Region. After that, the project manager, Ms. Tonie Wickman (Stockholm city), will present the results and conclusions from the substance screening and source tracking activities. She will also highlight possible action municipal administration itself as well as small and medium size companies in the towns and all citizens can undertake to reduce emissions of these substances to the sewage system and with it to the Baltic Sea.

Mr. Rainer Aavik who is the deputy mayor of the Pärnu city – one the Baltic Sea region cities where substances were screened – will draw conclusions from the screening results in Pärnu. Furthermore, he will explain how international co-operation, as in NonHazCity, can help to value the green mindset and green economy, as well as increase awareness of the society at local level.